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Digital Health Diabetes Clinics to be established

Diabetes Clinics Based upon a successful Dutch concept and subject to our own pilot program success, we aim to setup specialist diabetic clinics to provide: A local distribution point A network marketing base A training facility A real-time digital test lab service. The latest digital testing techniques will be employed to provide rapid screening of patients with immediate test results…

Micropen – The smallest syringe in the world

Insulution Digital Health are preparing to launch the Micropen, a miniature insulin delivery device offering a replacement for insulin syringes, pumps and pens. Current Problem Most existing insulin delivery systems are large, cumbersome, indiscreet and expensive. Our Solution The Micropen offers diabetics a real alternative to insulin pens, pumps and syringes by providing a small, low cost and convenient solution that…

Mobile Diabetes Management app
Mobile Diabetes Management app

Mobile Application Our mobile application will help diabetics manage blood sugar level monitoring and share data with their medical team. This together with personalised advice, guidance and education will help our clients manage their diabetes and improve quality of life. How By combining daily self-test results with lab provided test data we will provide the patient, their family and healthcare…

The Diabetes Management Solution

Help us save lives cut short or blighted by the rapidly growing illness diabetes by investing in our company or buying ICO tokens.

Insulution is a startup Digital Healthcare company with a mission to improve the lives of diabetics by bringing to market innovative medical products, services and software. The global cost of diabetes has been estimated to be 1.3 trillion US dollars. We strive to lower the global cost of diabetes treatment by adding better and more cost-efficient products to the market. We are bringing four Patented products to market that address the real world needs of diabetics replacing the large, cumbersome and mostly high cost solutions available today. We offer lower priced yet highly functional products that are developed by diabetics for diabetics.  Our  novell miniaturised insulin delivery solution “Micropen” will transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of Diabetics. 

Our Diabetes Management Solution offers a mobile and web based portal allowing doctors & labs to work collaboratively with patients to improve the health of diabetics. Our mobile application integrates with patient record systems and uses blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data and video training to provide early detection and improved management of Diabetes resulting in better outcomes for patients.

Insulution is a Healthcare company based in Sweden & Malta with a mission to improve the quality of life of 500 million diabetics worldwide through innovative medical product design and cutting edge digital computer science including artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.  We will shortly be working with a large NGO to field trial our product to over 130,000 diabetics. 

The Insulation team is currently working with business angels, institutions, VC’s, HNWI’s and funds to provide Private Placement funding for our ICO (Initial Coin Offering) project. Please get in touch if you would like to be part of a success story by helping us launch Insulution.

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Patrick Martinsson

Co-Founder, Director

Mark Christian

Co-Founder & Digital Healthcare Director

Derrick Campbell

Client Relations, Co-Founder, Director

Clara Holmström

Social Media Marketing and Charity Executive, Co-Founder


Spencer Stevens

Business Analyst & Project Manager

Neill Garfield

Marketing Consultant

Ian Dawson

ICO Funding Strategy


Industrial Designer

Matt Pearce

Lead Developer