Digital Health Diabetes Clinics to be established

Diabetes Clinics Based upon a successful Dutch concept and subject to our own pilot program success, we aim to setup specialist diabetic clinics to provide: A local distribution point A network marketing base A training facility A real-time digital test lab service. The latest digital testing techniques will be employed to provide rapid screening of patients with immediate test results…

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Micropen – The smallest syringe in the world

Insulution Digital Health are preparing to launch the Micropen, a miniature insulin delivery device offering a replacement for insulin syringes, pumps and pens. Current Problem Most existing insulin delivery systems are large, cumbersome, indiscreet and expensive. Our Solution The Micropen offers diabetics a real alternative to insulin pens, pumps and syringes by providing a small, low cost and convenient solution that…

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Mobile Diabetes Management app

Mobile Application Our mobile application will facilitate provide accurate blood sugar monitoring to help diabetics manage their Diabetes though improved access to test results. How By combining daily self-test results with lab provided test data we will provide the patient, their family  and healthcare provider improved access to their test result data. Blockchain The clients test data will be merged…

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