What is Blood Sugar Monitoring?

The majority of diabetics needs to ‘prick test’ using a small sterile needle up to five times a day to help maintain blood sugar levels within safe tolerances in order to minimise the risk of serious complications occurring.

Current Problem

While continuous blood sugar monitors are available, they are invasive requiring needles to pierce the skin or they require difficult to obtain expensive adhesive sensors. Often cited as one of the least pleasant aspect of a Diabetic’s daily life so we anticipate high demand for such a non-invasive easy to use a device that’s as simple to use as a thermometer. We have estimated the market to be worth over $500 million in annual sales and at present there is no known competition for such a device.


Daler have started research into four sensor technologies that will enable us to develop an accurate, low cost, non-invasive, multiple-use personal blood sugar monitoring device that eliminates the need for prick-testing to determine blood sugar levels.


The ICO will provide the initial funding to expand the research and up to 25% of the company’s profits will be redirected to Research & Development. We have been approached by a UK-based Venture Capital company and we are in early contract negotiations to fund our research schedule.

EU Research Grants

We will shortly apply for EU research grants and plan to work with several universities to assist with the research.

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