All Team

Matt Pearce

Lead Developer

Has joined the team as our Lead Developer with experience of C++, C# and Objective-C.


Industrial Designer

Ivar   Atwo-time receiver of the Swedish design award, Ivar is the backbone of our team. He is an avid photographer and arts buff who loves using new materials, methods and production technology in order to create innovative designs which stand out from the rest.

Ian Dawson

ICO Funding Strategy

For the last two years, Ian has been working on startup techs focused on blockchain, trying to put together the traditional fiat investment style (cash for equity) and piecing and transitioning that together in the crypto world.

Spencer Stevens

Business Analyst & Project Manager

Spencer is the teams Business Analyst, Researcher and Technical Guru.

Neill Garfield

Marketing Consultant

Patrick Martinsson

Co-Founder, Director

In 1997 our founder Patrick Martinsson was in a car accident, once he recovered from his injuries he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Patrick Martinsson has always been a very social and outgoing person that has always led a very active and open lifestyle. But after contracting Diabetes he sometimes found it uncomfortable doing many of the same things…

Mark Christian

Co-Founder & Digital Healthcare Director

Mark is a technology leader focused on medical diagnostics with extensive experience across many verticals ranging from small start-up operations to large multinational organisations. He has a track record of delivering complex projects and takes responsibility for the design, development, testing, deployment of complex technology solutions. Mark lived with a diabetic for 5 years and has first hand experience of the…

Derrick Campbell

Client Relations, Co-Founder, Director

Clara Holmström

Social Media Marketing and Charity Executive, Co-Founder

Clara has been with Daler since its inception, taking on increasingly challenging and critical roles and responsibilities within the organization. Currently, Clara is responsible for Dalers fiscal health and operational well-being. She’s a member of the board of directors, and offers keen insights on Company expansion, human capital management and Agency policy. Clara´s “no nonsense” approach to her professional duties…